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“Having completed my pilot training with Century Air years ago, I look back with fond memories and appreciation of the high standard of training I received. Century has always represented the best in the flight training industry.”

Philip DiCostanzo
Captain, Embraer 145
First Officer, Boeing 757


Professional Pilot Programs


Century Air offers professional pilot programs for students pursuing a career in aviation. Upon completion of a Professional Pilot Program, you will have earned your private pilot and commercial pilot certificates, as well as your instrument and multi-engine ratings. With these credentials, you will have the foundation to begin a career as a professional pilot. There are two professional pilot programs to choose from, and which program you choose depends on your career goals in the industry. The programs are identical through the private pilot and instrument training, however; they vary once you begin commercial and multi-engine training (see explanation below). Following the completion of a professional pilot program, a student may also choose to obtain a flight instructor certificate to begin teaching in the aviation industry.

Professional Pilot Program I
(Commercial Pilot with single and multi-engine land)


This program includes the private pilot, instrument rating, commercial pilot and multi-engine add-on rating courses. The commercial pilot training will be conducted primarily in the single-engine aircraft and the multi-engine rating will be an add-on to the commercial pilot single-engine certificate. This program allows the student to obtain a commercial pilot certificate with both single and multi-engine land class privileges. The program may also be accomplished as single-engine without the multi-engine add-on.

Professional Pilot Program II (Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot)

This program includes the private pilot, instrument rating and commercial multi-engine pilot courses. The commercial pilot training will be conducted primarily in the multi-engine aircraft and the student will obtain 30-100 hours of multi-engine flight time. This program is primarily for students who want to build a larger number of multi-engine hours during their commercial pilot training.