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“I am once again grateful to you for providing the training experience and education needed to allow me to confidently pilot my new aircraft in the general aviation environment. Please feel free to use me as a reference so I can recommend Century Air to anyone in need of quality flight training and an outstanding aviation educational experience.”

Bill Hallock
Jet Blue Airways Captain
Beechcraft Owner


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Mohammad Ajaj is Century Air's latest proud graduate of the professional pilot program (seen here with Richard Greene, right). After two years of hard work and excellent time management, he holds a commercial pilot certificate - single and multi-engine with an instrument rating. Aside from his many accomplishments as a ... Read More
May 1, 2015centuryWP
Congratulations, Walid Khallaf for your most recent achievements - landing a First Officer position with Egypt Air, and also passing your ATP check ride with Century Air! Walid enrolled in Century Air's Professional Pilot Program in 2010 (starting with zero hours) and in only four years he has met his goal ... Read More
October 1, 2014centuryWP
Century Air graduate, Joseph Farley, is our most recent success story - having just upgraded to Captain with American Eagle! Joe began his career in 2003 when he chose to enroll with Century Air’s flight program in affiliation with CCM’s (County College of Morris) AviationTechnology degree program.  Joe quickly earned his ... Read More
August 1, 2014centuryWP
Yehia El Naggar (also known as Josh to his U.S. friends) is the latest graduate of Century Air's professional pilot program. Josh is from Cairo, Egypt, and at the age of 21, he ventured to the USA to pursue his dream of learning to fly and eventually becoming an airline ... Read More
May 1, 2014centuryWP
We are proud to announce that our Simulator Training Center is now operating out of a newly rennovated building at the Essex County Airport. For the past 10 years this training center was located on the other side of Passaic Avenue, but it was time to bring it closer to ... Read More
November 1, 2013centuryWP
Susana Restrepo recently completed the Professional Pilot course and is our first female international (M-1) student to earn her Commercial Pilot Certificate (single and multi-engine with an instrument rating). Throughout her training, she has performed to a level of excellence! Susana, age 20, came to the United States from Colombia only ... Read More
September 1, 2013centuryWP
Congratulations to Vinicius Bouvier for doing a great job on his commercial flight test! Vinicius is the first student to graduate a course in the newly aquired Seneca aircraft. He is returning to Brazil after completing the professional pilot program - and is now the proud holder of a commercial multi-engine ... Read More
July 1, 2013centuryWP
Student pilot, Saki Chen (seen here with her instructor, Greg Adair), has been awarded the 2012 Dodie Riach Memorial Scholarship, which she intends to use toward obtaining her PPL. Saki hails from Sichuan, China. She has recently graduated from law school and has also passed the bar exam. She is ... Read More
May 1, 2013centuryWP
Congratulations to Charlotte Asdal, the youngest of five sisters who have graduated flight training courses with Century Air. Charlotte, 18, (above), achieved her private pilot license on February 10th and has already started working on her instrument rating. She will be graduating high school this spring, and is planning on ... Read More
February 1, 2013centuryWP
In 2009, at the young age of 18, Marwan Omaira, came from Egypt on an M-1 Visa to attend professional flight training at Century Air. He received his private pilot certificate and instrument rating in one year, and then returned to Egypt. Marwan came back to Century Air last fall, ... Read More
January 1, 2013centuryWP